Monday, 31 January 2011


Yes, I've brought Brother Lazarus back from the dead. Having just launched Cooking With Auntie Megan, whose audience demographic is mostly comprised of 6-year-old girls, I thought I should have a more grown-up outlet for other writing.

The thing is, I deleted this blog entirely when I took it down some time ago. I saved the text and comments for my own reference, but I don't have a way of calling them back up on here without reposting them as new entries. Although I've enjoyed rereading them for my own benefit, they don't really have a place here, so I'm starting fresh with new ideas, new thoughts on old ideas, and a general sharing of experience. Comments vehemently encouraged.

That was the thing. Here's the other: I'm way out of writing practice. I used to write so much. I think about how many words I was churning out per week at Tufts between school work and the magazine, and I can hardly believe I did anything else. I was only able to do that because I was well-conditioned. Practice, practice, practice. Before Tufts, I'd had minimal writing experience except for history reports and similar, so I didn't just walk into being able to crank out thousands of coherent words a week. The thought of my very first magazine commentary piece (an anoymous and very timid 500 words about Bob Jones University) makes me cringe.

So this blog is to be my boxing gym, where I will get myself back in shape and hopefully well-conditioned in the art and science of engaging writing. If it's a rocky start, you must forgive me and revisit at a later date to see if I've improved. And tell me if I haven't.

As before, this is intended to be a blog on current affairs, art, economics, anthropology, gardening, root beer, and whatever else I feel like writing about. I welcome ideas for topics, and I hope to be more studied about it than I have been in the past, although naturally it will be all opinion. Possibly I will try to develop the look and interactivity of the blog if/when I feel like learning a usable amount of html, but don't wait up nights for it.

Lastly, I hope very much to update weekly. More than that isn't possible at this time. If I'm getting lazy, do poke me with the sharp stick of Facebook or something similar.

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