Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Jules et Jim Review

Jules et JimJules et Jim by Henri-Pierre Roché

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A strange book. I had a hard time relating to the fact that it is set early in the 20th century, since it feels like it's set in the Sixties. Roche gives exceedingly little detail, yet I felt like I was well acquainted with the characters almost straight away. There isn't much dialogue, but the tone of conversations is easily imagined.

Kate is as exciting a character as any, but she is so selfish, she feels unreal. She'd have been a reality tv star if she were written for 2011. Everything she does is grossly over the top, and done with a stage wink to whomever she deems to be her current audience. She flaunts everything. The people around her seem to think that this means she lives life to the full (and maybe she thinks it herself or is striving toward that end), but her existence is vapid. She is hateful.

The book arouses lots of emotions in very few pages. An odd little read.

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